Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Year!!! New Beginning!!! Meet our new Kraftzone family member!!!

New year ... a new beginning!!! 

With the advent of the very promising new year... we would like to introduce new members of our Kraftzone family.... 

This is the first time I  had to select a design team and I have to tell you that it is a  difficult task.  

Everyone of the applicants are fantastic designers and have wonderful blogs.  With so much talent to choose from it is difficult to pick only 5 DT members.

Please help me welcome our wonderful new design team- OUR KRAFT CHEFS.
 For the uninitiated, we are also including few select works of our  chefs...   

Daksha Popat 
Hi! My name is Daksha Popat, I am from Kolkata. I am blessed to be a mom of two kids, whom I love and adore. I am a wife to an amazing husband who gets what I do, listens to my craft talks even when he has no clue what I am talking about!
Art and craft is my passion and hobby and my work too. I am self taught artist and crafter, though I take inspiration from web and various craft books. I love and believe in handmade gifts. I love all things related to crafts. I am craft enthusiast be it paper craft or painting, all has been my favorite hobby. I enjoy making and learning in my spare time.
Lekha Jain
Hi, about me: By qualification i am a Hospital Administrator but by passion i am crafter.... Paper being my first and only love. I love quilling, definitely its my stress buster. As for projects I am very particular about how the design goes. Till it gives me complete satisfaction I can keep working on it for hours till perfection is achieved.

Nikkita Jain
I am Nikkita Jain (Nikki)… from the city of joy - Kolkata My dreams & passion for learning something new every day made me a crafter. My love for colors made me a designer and a happy crafter. I always loved learning and this love made me learn these beautiful crafting techniques with some awesomest people around. I love making friends so all are welcome in my kitty of buddies... and am here to share my love for crafting and colors...
Meeta Bhalotia
Hi All, My name is Meeta Bhalotia; Proud owner of The Quill Mill.
I stay in Kochi, Kerala. I'm passionate for arts and craft. Without it my day is incomplete. Earlier I used to do oil painting but now hooked on to Quilling and various other crafts.
I believe that when craft done with trial and error method, it brings out beautiful results. Always wanting to try more n more different craft forms as there is no limitation. 
Still lots to try and lots to do. Happy crafting.
Ruchi Agarwal Manglick
Ruchi Agarwal Manglick is an entrepreneur devoted to crafts and art since her schooldays. She worked as a full time teacher (M.A.B.Ed.) for a short period of time and eventually, turned into a full time 'artist'. She has won multiple awards and prizes for her multi-talent. She is actively involved in organizing craft workshops for different age groups in Pune area throughout the year. In Crafting..most of her work is focused on stamping, distressing, quilling, albums,cards and page layouts. Her innovative styles and craft collection can be explored through her online stores “Ruchi’s Crafeteria”,


  1. Wow Nupur....Great job and thanks for choosing me as DT. Its a great pleasure to me and a big big new year gift from you. Happy new year Darling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow nupur congratulations!...a big thumps up and thank you for choosing me as DT . All the best wishes for new year and for this new beginning to you and my designer team.

  3. Congrats! Nupur...Its my pleasure to be part of the lovely creative team :)

  4. Congrats to all the new Dt's :) Looking forward to seeing your beautiful inspiration :)
    Nupur, you have not added the follower widget on the blog yet. We won't be able to follow the blog without it. Please do add the follower widget !.

    1. And please remove the word verification. Instead, please opt for comment moderation. Makes it easier to leave a comment.