Saturday, 28 June 2014

Border Buddy : Product Review & A Small Tutes

Hello all,
Its been a busy month for me..Hope you all are having a great time.

Here I am to review the newly launched BORDER BUDDY by QUILLED CREATIONS
Their tools have always helped us in giving form to our creations.


Now we don't have to run around to find suitable objects to make proper borders for our creations   (cylindrical bottles, boxes etc.)
QUILLED CREATIONS has given us a perfect solution BORDER BUDDY.
With it we can make quilled borders/outlines in square, round and triangle shapes
 It create perfect borders and shapes with this handle and
the interchangeable shapes. Works with any quilling paper width to make
34 different shapes. The possibilities are endless!

The tool comes in a pack full of easy instructions.. So we can start making products without any delay.

Apart from circle ,square and triangle shapes I have pinched and tried to give different shapes. We can fill these with other quilling techniques like Beehive, Husking, Scrolls/coils or with simple quilling.

A Small Tutorial

Picture heavy post 

Simple pendants

I have made very simple designs but the possibilities are infinite.
Would love to see your creation with this awesome tool.

You can find this tool with KRAFTZONE

Happy Quilling


  1. Wow Meeta!! Pendents are nice n u elaborate it in very simple way. This tool is really a buddy to every quiller. Now..I have to rethink about to buy it ... ;) Thanks for sharing. :) :)

  2. Thanks Ruchi :) do add this buddy to your Quilling Tool Box .. will definitely make things easier for you when quilling.

  3. Thank you meeta for sharing all the details...iam not much in to quilling. .and what I did so far have learned from didn't have Idea how to use this tool..but I know how to use that tool....definitely going to buy. .. its very easy to use...thank you once again..

    1. Thanks Daksha .. I Know you will do awesome creations with quilling as you do with other crafts...
      Its very simple and believe me very addictive ... Do try and show your creations.. You can always combine with all the crafts.

  4. I wilk surely recommend this tool to ny quilling friends.. Though m not much into quilling but this tool will make easier for the quillers.. Thanks for the review :)

    1. Thanks Nikki :) Do recommend to your friends but you should also try qulling.
      Hoping to see your creation :)

  5. Meeta - ur review kindles me to buy this tool. thanks for the review

    1. Thanks Shylaa Shree :)
      Do buy the tool and show us your creations. Happy Quilling

  6. how much does it cost and from where can i buy it