Thursday, 5 March 2015


Hi Beautiful People ,

Today I am going to share a very easy and quick tutorial and tips on the product 


Chalkboard Paint Details
Chalkboards aren’t just for schoolrooms anymore — chalkboard paint makes it easy to create writeable surfaces all over your home. Most chalkboard paint can be used on metal, wood, masonry, plaster, glass and concrete.
I have created 2 DIY projects one which can be used for gifting or home decor and the second to organise your jars and containers .

Things you need for the project :-
Prima chalkboard paint-jewel blue
Tacky glue
Paint brushes
old beer bottles[empty ones ;) ] and jars ..take your pick
some jute twines 
chalk's so that you can scribble or doodle

Flower Vase

Allow your chalkboard painted area or item to dry for at least 24- 36 hours . You should do 3 coats to give a nice and smooth finish .I have done only 2 thou .The movement of the paintbrush should be either up and down or sideways ,in this case it was upwards & downwards. 

I used some jute twine to wrap around the neck of the bottle. You can use beads ,charms , mulberry flowers ,sospeso etc to decorate the same .The sky is the limit . 

Chalkboard paint is waterproof but if you want you can coat it with a layer of mod podge after decorating your project .

I have doodled the initials and the name of the a couple I know on the bottle .Makes a perfect and a cute handmade gift for the couple.Tried to do a panaroma to get it in one frame but failed .

 Lovely Labels
Paint a square or rectangle of chalkboard paint on your organizational items and you’ve got an instantly changeable label for all of your bins, jars and containers.

Few extra tips and ideas on different ways you can use chalkboard paints ;

Table top solution
Give an old tabletop a functional new look. Sand  and paint an aged tabletop with chalkboard paint for drawing, quick notes and impromptu games of tic-tac-toe. Or make a bold, quirky statement by painting the top of a dining room table so family and friends can doodle while they wait for dinner. You can even create an easy seating chart for dinner party guests by writing names at each place setting.

Framed Message CenterUtilize a large antique-style frame, old painting or mirror with an ornate frame to create a stylish message center using chalkboard paint. 
Paint the frame bright white for a classically timeless look. 
 Next, add your chalkboard topcoats. Once both the frame and wood are completely dry, mount the painted wood behind the frame.
Now you can doodle and show off your fancy message board. :)

Thanks for reading ! I hope you enjoyed it.
So what are you waiting for ? Get your chalkboard paint and start creating your own masterpieces :)
Till then keep crafting and visiting KRAFTZONE for the best craft supplies .
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  1. Loved it what an idea sirji.. Gud job ankita

    1. Thank you :D ...Just experimenting ..A lot more can be done ,sky is the limit :)